Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

Our Mission

Sevents of God, guided by the Holy Spirit, to make Christ known

Servants of God

As we move through life, we want to serve God. No matter what we are up to in our daily lives - taking classes at the local university, selling shoes at the mall, volunteering at the hospital, designing airplanes, making a home or cleaning someone's teeth - we want our lives to matter. But how do we serve God? By loving God with all that we are and loving our neighbors as ourselves. We partner with God and care for people and the world. Hospitality. Humility. Compassion. These are some of the words that guide our serving.

Guided by the Holy Spirit

As we serve, how do we know where are we heading? Who is leading us? The Spirit of God works on us - and in us - stirring things up and inviting us to follow, so that we will come to a greater understanding of God and ourselves. Is the path always clear and well marked? Almost never! We are called into both the familiar and the unknown. But we can follow in confidence, trusting that God is leading us and promises to be with us always. Mystery. Discovery. Hope. These are some of the words that mark our journey.

To Make Christ Known

Guided by the Holy Spirit, what is our purpose? What are we about in the world? Our jobs do not define us. We are defined by our family - we are children of God. But why are we here? God chooses to use our hands and feet, our eyes, ears and voices to tell the story of God coming to earth for people. God uses us, sinful people, to tell others the great story of a love that is stronger than death. Grace. Faith. Joy. These are some of the words that we encounter in Jesus Christ and each other.