Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

We Believe

At Reformation, We Believe that God welcomes, creates, forgives, loves, and helps

God Welcomes.

God has always chosen to transform the world by choosing the broken, deniers, betrayers, murderers, adulterers, cheats, and liars to be his people. We count ourselves among such an infamous group and welcome others to explore this life with us, no matter where we are on the journey of faith.

God Creates.

God has created all that exists and continues to bring new life, renewing creation, humanity and the Church. God works through the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit to create a world guided by generosity, hospitality and forgiveness. God's creative power and love is revealed in the Holy Bible.

God Forgives.

God's story has always been to step into suffering and bring a new reality: Hope. God does not make us suffer but transforms suffering into opportunities to interact with us. Sin doesn't have the last word. Instead, God offers the gifts of reconciliation and forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ in baptism and holy communion.

God Loves.

God intervenes in our broken lives, fractured relationships, and unjust world with a personal desire to bring peace and wholeness. Always active in the life of this world, God stepped into the world in an intimate way through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God loves, saves and forgives us by grace alone. This is not always an easy, simple love, but a challenging, committed, unconditional love. This is how God loved us, so it's how we ought to love one another.

God Helps.

God helps us by offering a particular way of life through Jesus Christ that is a hope-filled alternative to the self-centered ways of the world. God changes lives through the Good News of Jesus Christ who calls on us to live lives of faithful discipleship, practice compassion and work for justice for a hurting world. We are not set off alone and adrift, but are guided by the Holy Spirit and given a great cloud of people to help us discover our joy and purpose. This is the Church.