Reformation Lutheran Church A Congregation of the ELCA

Life Passages


Baptism is new birth as God's child into the family of God, the Church. It begins in God's unconditional grace and love, so we baptize people of all ages. Baptisms are celebrated within the context of our weekly worship.

When children are baptized, parents and sponsors (Godparents) promise to nurture them in the Christian faith. Parents, and sponsors when possible, are expected to meet with one of the pastors before the baptism.

Adults preparing for baptism are invited to meet with the pastor, sharing questions and conversation about the basics of the faith: the Bible, the Apostles' Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Christian life and service.

Baptismal Font

To schedule a baptism, please contact one of the pastors through the church office.

First Communion

Communion Chalice

Holy Communion is a gift of God's grace which offers forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. All who believe in Jesus Christ are invited to receive his body and blood in the bread and wine of this meal at the family table. Reformation encourages all children to learn about Holy Communion.

Reformation offers a retreat twice a year for children and their parents/guardians that is biblical, interactive and fun. Because of differences in background and theological understanding, some parents do not wish for their children to commune until receiving instruction. These children are welcome to receive a blessing as they come forward.

For more information about First Communion, please contact Pastor Kristin through the church office.


This two year journey of confirmation explores the meaning of baptism and our Lutheran faith with middle school youth. Through involvement in this church community and learning experiences centered on Biblical studies and Luther's Small Catechism, we encourage 7th graders to delve into their relationship with God and with each other in ways more reflective of a growing faith.

This ministry is about belonging in the family of God. We gather on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and for a couple of retreats/ lock-ins throughout the year as we seek to help these young people affirm the promises made for them in baptism. This concentrated, focused time of learning and faith formation begins in the fall of 7th and 8th grade and culminates in the fall of 9th grade.

For more information about Confirmation, please contact one of the pastors through the church office.


Marriage is a gift of God, intended to bless those brought together and the whole human family. A wedding celebration is an opportunity for a community of family and friends to surround a bride and groom as they commit their lives to one another. In the presence of God, we gather in worship to publicly witness the promises made, listen to the word of God, and offer prayers on behalf of the couple and the world.

Reformation Lutheran Church offers an ideal setting for a wedding. The spacious sanctuary, beautiful stained glass windows, pipe organ and grand piano serve to enhance your special day.


Premarital counseling with the pastor is required as part of the journey to the wedding day. Learn more about having your wedding at Reformation by contacting the church office to request a wedding packet.


Funerals are occasions to gather in mutual support, mourn the recently deceased, celebrate their life and commend them into God's eternal care. Trusting in God's promise in baptism that we are claimed by Christ forever, we rest in the sure hope of the resurrection.

We encourage making your wishes known to your loved ones by pre-planning your funeral. If you would like a resource to aid you in this process, contact the church office to request a Funeral Planning Guide.

To make funeral arrangements or to have conversation about your Funeral Planning Guide, please contact one of the pastors through the church office.